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The Soviet Il-28 jet bomber created in the design office of Sergey Vladimirovich Ilyushin set certain precedents in the history of the Czechoslovak Air Force. First of all it was the heaviest combat plane used in Czechoslovakia and also the first, the one and only jet bomber in classical terms in CS Air Force armament. The first aircraft arrived in Czechoslovakia in 1955, bomber regiments took several years to fully master the new plane and immediately after reduction in numbers of bomber units and Il-28s began as a result of re-evaluation of combat potential of classical bombers in the contemporary conditions of a European battle-field. Nevertheless, the Il-28 has an undisputable place in the history

A4, 128 pages, 180 photos,colour- side views, plan drawings
Czech/English text. Hardback edition.

  Ilyushin  IL-28   Miroslav Irra